Glass door fridges are a fantastic addition to your alfresco kitchen and Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens stock a great range.

Our fridges have no wasted space taken up by mini-freezers or vegetable trays, and are designed to fit under bench tops.
With 10 years of alfresco kitchen design under our belt, we know which brands will keep your drinks cold!

Brands we stock:
1. Delonghi
2. Beefeater
3. Bromic
4. BeerKool
5. Masport


1. Is the supplier reputable and a trusted supplier? Or someone who imports containers of cheap fridges with no follow-up support?
2. What is the warranty period? 1 year? 2 years? or 3 years?
3. Is the warranty for on-site repairs or back-to-factory or do you have to send it the Eastern States? Do you have to pay for the transport of the fridge for repairs?
4. Is the fridge quiet or will it keep you up at night, banging when it stops and starts? Some suppliers say that this is to be expected in a commercial fridge.
5. Do you get a money-back warranty?
6 Is the fridge tropical-rated? (Please note that no glass door fridge will operate well when sun shines directly on the door)

At Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens, our fridges tick all the boxes:

1. reputable suppliers and manufacturers
2. quiet operation
3. on-site warranty
4. spare parts guarantee
5. money back guarantee


What type of fridge door do you like?

By far, most fridges we install have glass doors. Most of our customers love the look and feel of a glass fridge door.
Some prefer a stainless steel door, particularly if they selected stainless steel cabinet doors. We have also included a picture here of an outdoor kitchen with a white fridge- it looks quite ordinary with a white fridge. If the fridge was replaced with a glass door fridge, the kitchen would look really sleek.

Full height fridge or under-bench?

The vast majority of our clients chose to install an under-bench fridge because it looks sleek and tidy. However, some clients prefer an upright fridge.

The main points to consider are:
1. Are you happy to bend down to get your drinks or do you need a full height fridge?
2. Do you need to store a huge amount of drinks, salads, cakes etc in your alfresco fridge and therefore need a larger fridge? (in which case you may opt for a double or triple under-bench fridge
3. If you have a full height fridge, will you keep it full? (Note: fridges work much better when full, otherwise the motors have to do more work trying to cool down the air)

Should I choose a Single Door, Double Door or Triple Door?

The main points to consider are:
1. Space available- how large is you alfresco area? Is it big enough to have more than a single-door fridge?
2. Do you need more cabinet storage space or would you prefer more fridge space (Note: sometimes it is cheaper to install an extra fridge than to build an extra cabinet)
3. If you get a larger fridge, will you be able to keep it full? (NOTE: Fridges stay cooler when they are full. When empty, the motors have to work extra hard to cool down the air)
4. Many clients choose to get 2 single fridges instead of 1 double fridge. This gives them the flexibility to save electricity by turning one of the fridges off when not in use.