Pizza Ovens

Gas or Wood fired

Pizza ovens are a wonderful addition to any alfresco kitchen.

With a gas-fired pizza oven, you can be catering for a horde in just 15 minutes flat. With pizzas only taking several minutes to cook, many of our clients use their pizza oven more often than their BBQ!

Wood fired pizza ovens are a stunning feature in your outdoor area. Once alight it gives the ambiance of a traditional wood fired pizza’s and a great talking piece.

Before choosing a pizza oven, there are important points to consider. Be sure to check out our FAQs at the bottom of this page.

Outdoor Alfresco Kitchen’s Range of gas fired and woodfired pizza ovens caters for all requirements. We have small to extra large pizza ovens, indoor use approved to outdoor use only and pre-built units to DIY units. Infresco can install, flue and build bases for your new pizza oven. As a manufacturer we have many options and styles to choose from.

Infresco Gourmet Gas-Fired Pizza Oven

This Indoor/ enclosed area approved (WA ONLY) Gas fired pizza oven is the perfect addition to your new alfresco area. Heavy duty construction.

  • Manufactured in Australia by Infresco
  • Commercial quality
  • Suitable for installation in outdoor or enclosed areas when installed with appropriate ventilation in Western Australia Only.
  • Heavy stainless steel construction 1.2mm 304 grade
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Flame failure devices fitted for your safety
  • Electronic ignition
  • Natural Gas or LPG
  • Approx size: 765mmW x 850mmH x 610mmL

Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens DIY Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

(installation additional)


sizes to choose from to suit all alfresco areas and locations. Mezzo, Grande or
Extra Grande

wood fired pizza ovens come in kit form. You can build it yourself or we
can construct it for you on-site.

DIY kit can be installed on your own bench top (Note: adequate support is
needed to hold the weight of the pizza oven.)

outside render can be changed to a few different colours, giving you a great
variety of flexibility.

pizza oven flue is made from Stainless Steel and can be used outdoors.

in Perth metro area is $600.00 (Standard installation only). There is an additional
charge for locations that have stairs or are hard to access.


950mm Width x 1050mm Depth

1100mm Width x 1200mm Depth

Grande 1400mm Width x 1500mm Depth

Ooutdoor Alfresco Kitchens Piccolo Wood-Fired Pizza Oven

Manufactured in Australia


Comes with galvanized base on caster wheels

Stainless steel finish front surroundings

1280 Degree rated insulation for maximum heat retention & efficiency

Extra thick- premium refractory dome

Galvanised flue & hat

Made with heavy duty alumina refractory bricks

External Dimensions 1080mm Depth x 905mm Wide

Internal Dimensions 920mm Depth x 770mm Wide

Before selecting your pizza oven, please read the FAQ’s below. Government regulations apply to both gas and wood fired pizza ovens


If I place a pizza oven on a combustible surface such as timber cabinets, can it start a fire?

Yes! Please ensure that your pizza oven will be placed on a non-combustible surface.

What is Flame Failure?

Infresco Gas Pizza Ovens have flame failure devices fitted to the burner. If the flame goes out, the gas will automatically shut off within seconds. Also, to turn on the pizza oven, a seperate ignitor button must be pressed at the same time as the knob is turned, thereby making it much safer for children.

What are the Energy Safety laws that apply to alfresco areas?

First of all you must determine if your alfresco area is classed as “enclosed” or “outdoors”. See The Energy Safety Website for more information or click this link.

In a nutshell, if your alfresco area is classed as “enclosed” you must comply with the following:

 •  I. Your gas pizza oven must have flame failure devices fitted to every burner and be licensed for indoor use

 •  II. Your gas or wood fired pizza oven must have a ventilation system which removes the fumes from the room

 •  III. Your gas or wood fired pizza oven must be installed on a non-combustible surface

How are Infresco Gas Pizza Ovens approved for indoor use?

We build our pizza ovens to commercial standards. An independent gas appliance inspector, approved by Energy Safety WA, individually tests every one of our flame failure pizza ovens. The inspector then places an approval badge on the pizza oven. This OUTDOOR OR INDOOR APPROVAL is compliant ONLY IN WESTERN AUSTRALIA.

Do Infresco Pizza Ovens work with natural gas or LPG?

We can make our gas pizza ovens to suit your requirements, whether natural gas or LPG. Your pizza oven must be installed by a licensed gas fitter. If it is natural gas it must be plumbed directly into the gas line (not a bayonet point) If your pizza oven is LPG and uses a gas bottle, you cannot use it in an enclosed area even if it has flame failure devices fitted. LPG gas is too volatile

Is natural gas or LPG safer?

First of all, both natural gas and LPG have no smell. A strong odour is artificially added so that people can detect the presence of gas. Natural gas is very light and will float upwards and dissipate. It is less volatile than LPG. LPG is much more volatile and heavy and will sink to the floor. The slightest spark can ignite it. Therefore, the use of LPG indoors is extremely dangerous. It is illegal to use a standard 9kg LPG bottle in an enclosed area.

Which is better, a gas fired or a wood fired pizza oven?

This is a personal preference. Some people prefer the wood fired taste produced by a wood fired oven or the ambience of a wood fired oven, but keep the following in mind:
Wood fired ovens:
 • can take hours to reach temperature
• you need to keep firewood
• they may produce smoke (although shouldnt if lighted correctly)
• may be banned on days of extreme fire danger (contact your local authority for more information)
• require a lot of space as the walls need to be extremely thick to hold in the heat

Gas fired ovens:
 • Reach temperature in about 15 minutes
• Are more predictable in their temperature
• Can still produce an authentic wood fired taste, particularly if you burn some hickory chips.
• Require less space

Can Infresco manufacture a pizza oven stand to suit my pizza oven?

Yes, Infresco can manufacture a cabinet or stand to suit your pizza oven. This can be made from either stainless steel or fibre cement with a steel frame inside. Keep in mind that a wood fired pizza oven can weigh over half a tonne

Contact us for combined shipping costs : Interstate shipping to Depots ONLY