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Many of our customers choose to create their own alfresco kitchen. This may be due to budget constraints or because they’re handy and want to create something themselves. We offer a variety of products for DIYers as well as top advice. 


Alfresco Kitchen Design Service 

We are able to come to your home and give design advice before you begin your project. This includes creating a 3D diagram of your proposed kitchen and giving advice regarding the location of your essential services, such as gas, water and electrical this may incur a fee.  We can also determine if your alfresco is classified as “enclosed” and help you to ensure your area complies with the relevant laws.

This service can save you both time and money as we are able to provide expert information to help you avoid making mistakes and tips on how to complete the job efficiently and effectively.

Getting Started on your DIY project:

Step 1: Determine if your alfresco area is classed as “enclosed”  –   CLICK BELOW ON PICTURE for more information

Gas safety for Alfresco Kitchens Pic (4)

Step 2: Decide which type of cabinets you would like. Make sure that if you choose a combustible material you have heatshields between your BBQ and cabinets. Many DIY projects use brick cabinets, but we also offer fibre cement, polymer, and stainless steel DIY units. The Infresco range of insertable doors and drawers are also available for purchase. See below for more information.

 Infresco-Outdoor-Kitchen-tiled-benchtop2-(6) Infresco Outdoor Kitchen 131 (2)900 Infresco Sleek Series Example 2Infresco Outdoor Kitchen 3 (5) 131kbInfresco Outdoor Kitchen 48 (5)900

Step 3: Determine where the water pipes, gas pipes and electrical points will be. Get qualified  professionals to install these for you. Consider if you need gas points for BBQ, pizza oven, heaters (bayonet points are not sufficient- most of these appliances need to be connected straight to the gas pipe, and require larger pipes than the normal gas pipes). When considering electrical points, will you need a fridge, oven, kettle, power to your pizza oven or rotisserie, power to heaters? Will you need a sink? Outdoor shower? Dishwasher? See our Getting Started Guide for more information.


Step 4: Select your BBQ (if your alfresco area is classed as “enclosed” then your BBQ must be natural gas, must have flame failure devices fitted to all burners, and must be approved for indoor use. Infresco’s Gourmet BBQs are built to comply with these laws)

Infresco 900mm Full Hotplate Barbecue

Step 5: Select your exhaust hood size. Will it be suspended from the roof or the wall? An exhaust hood is required above your BBQ if your alfresco area is classed as enclosed, and the hood must extract a minimum of 2000M3 of air per hour). Infresco exhaust hoods are built to comply with these laws, and are available as ceiling-mounted or back-wall mounted.

We also supply Installation Kits (additional cost), which includes the hardware that you will need to perform the installation. Once installed you will need to pretty it up with a flue cover to cover the pipes. Included in the exhaust hood price is a standard 300mm stainless steel flue cover, or you can  call us with your measurements after installation and we will cut the flue cover to fit.


Step  6: Determine if you want a pizza oven. If the area is enclosed and the pizza oven is gas-powered, it will also need to be under an exhaust hood or flued. If you choose a wood-fired oven, make sure your floor base can support the weight of the pizza oven as they can weight close to half a tonne. Infresco sell both gas and wood fired pizza ovens.

 Infresco Pizza oven image (18) Infresco Pizza oven image (12) Infresco-Pizza-Oven-image-20Infresco Pizza oven image (14) Infresco Pizza oven image (10)

Step 7: Decide on the type of benchtop you would like: If you provide Infresco with a template, we can make the benchtop for you (Note: We will follow the template. We take no responsibility if the measurements supplied to us are incorrect). See the Benchtops page for more information on benchtop types.

Types of DIY Cabinets

(see below for more information and pricing)

Brick Cabinets

This is the most popular cabinet type for DIY. Build your cabinets and then insert the Infresco range of stainless steel insertable doors and drawers (see below). The insertable doors and drawers enhance functionality and storage and add a touch of class.

Difficulty Level- Medium

Sleek Series Modular Cabinets

The Sleek Series cabinets come in modular units. Another popular option for DIY. Buy the modular units from the Infresco range and then put them together (or we can arrange installation for $880).  Six finishes are available.

Difficulty Level- Medium

Fibre Cement Cabinets

Infresco can supply you with the metal framing and the pre-cut fibre cement sheets. Once your fibre cement is attached to the frame, you can insert the Infresco range of insertable doors and drawers (see below). You can choose to paint or clad this.  Options are endless.

Difficulty: Medium-High

Stainless Steel Cabinets

Infresco can supply you with modular stainless steel units as well as the doors and drawers of your choice. The keen DIYer can connect the cabinets together and hang the doors and insert the drawers. A kickboard will be supplied to your measurements.

Difficulty Level: High

Insertable Doors and Drawers

Perfect to build into our fibre cement cabinets or brickwork; Designed to suit standard brick sizes

  • 316 Marine Grade Stainless Steel
  • Solid construction; 1.6mm thick frame; 1.2mm thick fronts
  • Stainless steel handles
  • Drawer units are 3D and include back and sides; Door units are a facia only
  • Made in Australia by Infresco

Alfresco Sleek Series

    • Pre-Assembled Cabinets
    • UV Compact is an Exterior Grade Laminate that does not deteriorate over time, even under extreme climatic conditions, providing long product life spans
    • UV Compact laminate doors have excellent stain, fade and moisture resistance, are heat and impact resistant as well as being hygienic and easy to clean and maintain
    • 10 year Limited Warranty for performance and aesthetics
    • Six colour options
    • 880mm Standard Total Height (including 130mm kickers)- Double drawer units are low height to fit under a BBQ.

    NOTE: These are supply only, DIY carcass units  for customers who wish to build there own alfresco kitchen. They do  not include a benchtop, appliances, sinks etc. If you would like your alfresco kitchen installed by Infresco, please contact us  for a measure and quote.

Stainless Steel Cabinets

  • High quality stainless steel 304/4 grade
  • 2mm thick stainless steel sides and base
  • Drawers framed in 25mm stainless steel tube with stainless steel tray
  • All shelves are in white HMR melamine with silver ABS strip
  • Four doors and drawers options:
    • Painted glass wrapped in stainless steel
    • Cedar wrapped in stainless steel
    • Lustrolight wrapped in stainless steel
    • Stainless steel doors 304 grade

Generally we don’t recommend this as a DIY option as installation can be complicated. But if you are a DIY expert we are happy to supply these cabinet carcasses. (Note. The price is for the cabinet carcass only (including doors or drawers). Price does not include bench top, appliances, delivery or installation.

We recommend installing the cabinets first, and then measuring the kickboard which runs the full length of the cabinets. We will then cut the stainless steel kickboard to your specifications.

Contact us for combined shipping costs : Interstate shipping to Depots ONLY