Alfresco Cabinets

Stainless Steel Gourmet, Cabana PLUS Series, Cabana, Fibre Cement or DIY

Cabinet & Door Front Options

Premium Infresco Stainless Steel Gourmet Cabinets

  • High quality stainless steel 304/4 grade
  • 2mm thick stainless steel sides and base
  • Drawers framed in 25mm stainless steel tube with stainless steel tray
  • All shelves are in white HMR melamine with silver ABS strip
  • Optional 316 grade if required
  • Four doors and drawers options:
    • Painted glass wrapped in stainless steel
    • Cedar wrapped in stainless steel
    • Lustrolight wrapped in stainless steel
    • Stainless steel doors 304 grade

Cedar Door Examples

Outdoor Kitchen Perth Example 208
Alfresco Kitchen Example 192 by Infresco
Alfresco Kitchen Example 186 by Infresco
Alfresco Kitchen Example 170 by Infresco
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Glass Door Examples

Outdoor Kitchen Perth Example 207
Alfresco Kitchen Example 191 by Infresco
Alfresco Kitchen Example 177 by Infresco
Alfresco Kitchen Example 176 by Infresco
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Full Stainless Steel Door Examples

Outdoor Kitchen Perth Example 210
Alfresco Kitchen Example 178 by Infresco
Alfresco Kitchen Example 165 by Infresco
Alfresco Kitchen Example 164 by Infresco
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Alfresco Outdoor Kitchen Cabinets 

Why choose Alfresco cabinets?

The cabinets are specifically designed to suit full weather alfresco areas, built with high quality materials and custom made to complete your outdoor area. Choose different insertable stainless steel cabinets to finish off your new outdoor kitche.


  • Cabinets are made from a unique cement sheeting
  • 10mm thick sheeting manufactured for use as cabinets’ front, sides and panel walls
  • 650mm cabinet depth (Plus tiles)
  • Stainless steel doors and drawers (See below)
  • 50mm square galvanised steel base frame on adjustable feet
  • Choice of either granite or stainless steel bench top


There are two types of finishes available;

  • Textured
    • External is textured with your choice of colour from the Dulux Texture paint range
    • Kickboard at the base of the cabinets is made of cement sheeting with optional stainless steel
  • Clad
    • External is clad using your choice from our range of cladding styles
    • The cement sheet front continues to the base of the cabinet (No kickboard)
Outdoor Kitchen Perth Example 209
Outdoor Kitchen Perth Example 204
Outdoor Kitchen Perth Example 200
Alfresco Kitchen Example 185 by Infresco
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Insertable Cabinets Used in These Cabinets

(See the DIY section if you want to buy these inserts without the cabinets)

 Alfresco Cabana PLUS Series Cabinets


  • Pre-Assembled Cabinets
  • UV Compact is an Exterior Grade Laminate that does not deteriorate over time, even under extreme climatic conditions, providing long product life spans
  • UV Compact laminate doors have excellent stain, fade and moisture resistance, are heat and impact resistant as well as being hygienic and easy to clean and maintain
  • Six colour options
  • Full height and low height (for under BBQ)
  • 880mm standard total height (inc. 130mm kickboard)
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty for Performance and Aesthetics

Cabana PLUS Cabinet Sizes

(See the DIY Page if you want to purchase these and install yourself)

Outdoor Kitchen Perth Example 210
Outdoor Kitchen Perth Example 205
Alfresco Kitchen Example 166 by Infresco
Alfresco Kitchen Example 156 by Infresco
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Passion Red

Pine Grey

Brushed Steel

Jet Black


Menu White

Cabana Series Cabinets

The Cabana series can withstand the Australia weather conditions and are designed to be used outdoors under an alfresco area. Offering fully waterproof doors and cabinet bases. Created and constructed with the finest materials and designed by industry leading designers. Make your alfresco area the place to bring all your family and friends over for a stunning gourmet meal.

Order now supplied Pre-Assembled for DIY install or Fully installed and delivered by our professional team!


  • 20mm or 40mm External Grade Granite or engineered Benchtops
  • 13mm Waterproof Doors and Drawers Sleek
  • UV compact Waterproof Doors and Drawer Fronts
  • 16mm Waterproof Cabinet
  • Soft Closing Doors and Drawers
  • Pre-Assembled or Fully Installed (contact our friendly staff for a quick quote)
  • Locally Made in Factory W.A


Base System

Cabana series cabinets are constructed using a 16mm PVC polymer board allowing for superior resistance to moisture, wear and weathering. added benefits such as:

  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Resistant to weather, mould, mildew, white ant & termite attack, most acids and alkaline


Drawers and Door facings

All Doors and Drawer facings are 13mm UV compact solid grade laminate with a solid brown core optimised and tested to perform its best in outdoor applications. Six great colour choices to choose from.

  • UV resistant and tested to meet exterior grade compact
  • Resistant to weather, mould, mildew, white ant & termite attack, most acids and alkaline



Choose between granite or engineered stone bench tops with over 10 different colours to select instore.

  • Benchtop Thickness:      40mm Lamination

Insertable Stainless steel doors & drawers, Perfect for your Brick outdoor kitchen.

Why not select from our Stainless steel insertbale doors and drawers. Give these to your brickie and he will install sleek modern doors to complete your new outdoor kitchens., Check out our full rrange in our Shop online store.

Outdoor Alfresco Kitchens on temporory DIY Alfresco range is designed to transform an outdoor cooking and casual dining space into a functional, practical and legitimate additional room. In essence the same quality cabentrey and aesthetic from the neighbouring Indoor kitchen can be seamlessley carried through to the outdoors – extending the livability and usuability of all available space.

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