Barbecues for Alfresco Kitchens

Bring the outside in with a stunning, sleek, Australian-made Infresco BBQ

Make sure your BBQ complies with the strict laws governing alfresco areas.

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Choosing a Barbecue is the most important decision you will make in your alfresco area.

You must take into account:

1. Is it legal for the area?

2. Is it built to last? Do you want to waste money replacing it every 3 years?

3. Does it look attractive?

4. Does it have the layout you want?

5. Will it fit into your cabinets?

We answer your FAQs below 

Gas Safety

Click the links below to direct you onto the State Departments list to contact them for any gas safety requirements or questions.



Infresco Gourmet Barbecues



Infresco gourmet BBQ’s are the only gas barbecue that is APPROVED for an enclosed/ indoor area AUSTRALIA WIDE and you can purchase one online or instore and Infresco can freight to mostly anywhere in AUSTRALIA.

If you or your plumber have any questions please do not hesitate to contact our friendly staff on 1300 004 003.

Infresco’s Gourmet hand made range of BBQ’s are restaurant quality created and loved in the Australian backyard.

Experience the joy of an Australian Barbeque manufactured in WA that is heavy duty & rid yourself of a BBQ that makes your party feel basic. The Infresco hotplate holds the key with a 12mm thickness & solid welded in plate that creates the versatility of using the entire barbecue hotplate surface from the corners to edges. The heat will be at a constant temperature allowing you to cook all your meat and veggies at the same time. Giving you the most mouth watering masterpieces created by you in your own backyard.

Your Infresco Gourmet BBQ can cook chicken, beef, lamb, pork & fish. And the Mega Wok burner can cook the perfect stir fries, vegetables, vegetarian meals and breakfasts. Add a roasting hood to cook pizza’s, paellas, cakes, muffins and pudding cook just like in the oven. In fact, imagine cooking just outside your back door, keeping the kitchen clean, tidy and free of heat and lingering smells.

Created by a commercial appliance designer with over 35 years experience has designed and manufactured commercial equipment that to this day we are still seeing been used in restaurant kitchens around WA. Infresco’s Logo says it all Designed for Life.

Amazing Features

  • Manufactured by hand
  • Australian Made, Commercial Quality
  • Suitable for installation in outdoor or enclosed areas in AUSTRALIA
  • Heavy AUSTRALIAN STAINLESS STEEL construction. 1.2mm 304 grade (ask us for a 316 Grade quote)
  • Stainless steel burners
  • Flame failure devices to all burners for your safety.
  • Battery ignition to all burners.
  • Combination options of hotplate, grill or wok.
  • Hot plate 12mm (1/2inch) thick machined steel
  • Open grill: cast-iron grill plate (stainless steel option available)
  • 18 mega joule cast iron wok burner- the most powerful domestic wok available.
  • LPG or Natural Gas options
  • 4 standard sizes available: 900mm, 985mm, 1185mm and 1360mm
  • Top mounted model available (WA Approval ONLY)
  • Easy to install- fits into most areas or custom made to your requirements
  • Comes with stainless steel lid(s), or optional stainless steel roasting hood
  • Rotisserie kit available
  • *The installation meets commercial catering equipment requirements, including clearances and protection of combustible surfaces, as specified in AS 5601/AG 601 Gas installations
  • Meets guidelines set down by IAPMO, Energy Safety WA and Alinta Gas.

*The installation must comply with the State’s Energy Safety regulations including adequate range hood installation (clearance, air flow output & requirements), adequate gas fitting requirements & cabinet installation (heat shields)

Optional Roasting Hood

Infresco Gourmet Barbecues com with flat lids as standard. However, you have the option of purchasing a roasting hood instead of flat lids.

Our roasting hoods are manufactured from super tough 1.6mm thick 304 grade stainless steel. They have been especially designed to roll back as far as possible, so that fumes and smoke can go upwards and be sucked up by an exhaust hood (most roasting hoods hang forward over the bbq, forcing fumes and smoke out the front of the bbq and making the exhaust hood useless)

Infresco Gourmet BBQs- Custom Made for YOUR Alfresco Area

Our Infresco Gourmet Barbecues come in 4 standard sizes: 900mm, 985mm, 1185mm, and 1360mm.  You can insert any combination of open grill, hotplate and wok into these standard size barbecues.

However, we find that many of our clients like something even more impressive and functional. For those who want to entertain the horde (yes, your wonderful extended family, your footy team mates etc) we can custom make a barbecue for even the most discerning entertainer!

We often have requests to build in deep fryers, branding plates, warming trays, extra large woks, stove burners etc.


Infresco Top Mounted Gourmet Barbecues

Infresco also offer a top-mounted barbecue. This is when we place the BBQ control knobs on the top of the BBQ.  The Barbecue is lowered into the benchtop and the knobs are not visible from the front of the barbecue.

Unfortunalety TOP MOUNTED BARBECUES are only approved in WESTERN AUSTRALIA for indoor areas.

Out top-mount barbecues are available in a full hotplate, hotplate and wok or a hotplate and grill combo. Optional roasting hood also available.

NOTE: These barbecues are only suitable for non-combustible cabinets

Other TOP selling BBQ brands including




Can I choose any combination of hotplate, grill and wok?

Yes you can. We custom make your BBQ to your requirements. You choose how you would like to configure your BBQ. Some people love a large grill while others don’t use a grill at all. Some customers request a double hotplate, so that they only use one hotplate for small meals, and both hotplates for parties. Some customers love having a wok burner outside for high heat wok cooking, pasta sauces and soups (keeping all the cooking smells outside their home). You get to choose!

Can I have a full hotplate on my Infresco Gourmet Barbecue?

Yes you can. The burners inside a BBQ require oxygen for combustion. This is why almost every BBQ available on the retail market must have an open grill next to the hotplate- the oxygen gets sucked in through the vents in the grill. At Infresco, we have designed our BBQs with ventilation at the front and a flue space at the rear of the BBQ, so that the hotplate can be solid while the burners suck in and expel oxygen.

How do I clean my Gourmet BBQ?

Our BBQs are designed for easy cleaning. We have a channel running along the front of the hotplate. The BBQ remnants and oil can simply be pushed into the channel. The channel has a waste drain hole on one end. The remnants run down the drain hole and land in a tray beneath the BBQ. This tray can be removed for easy cleaning. We also have a range of cleaning products which are highly effective on barbecue hotplates and stainless steel.

Does my Infresco Gourmet Barbecue come with a lid?

Yes, your BBQ comes with a lid (unless you require a roasting hood) Depending on the size and layout of your BBQ, you may receive one large lid or 2 or 3 smaller lids (examples can be seen on the diagrams on this page)

Does my Infresco Gourmet BBQ come with a roasting hood?

If you require a roasting hood, we are able to manufacture one to suit your BBQ. However, there is an additional cost. Our roasting hoods have been especially designed to roll back as far as possible, so that fumes and smoke can go upwards and be sucked up by an exhaust hood (most roasting hoods hang forward over the BBQ, forcing fumes and smoke out the front of the BBQ and making an exhaust hood useless)

Can I buy an Infresco barbecue and place it in my own cabinets?

Of course you can purchase a Gourmet BBQ from Infresco without buying a whole alfresco kitchen from us. However, Energy Safety Regulations state that you cannot place a BBQ on a combustible surface. We highly recommend that you talk to us about manufacturing your cabinets as we will ensure that the installation is legal and will not endanger your home or family. If you have already got another cabinet maker to manufacture your cabinets, we recommend that you purchase the BBQ first so that the BBQ fits in perfectly. Our Gourmet BBQs are designed with “wings” to hang on the bench top, allowing air to move underneath the BBQ which prevents over-heating of cabinets. If the BBQ is to be built into a combustible surface, you must also ensure that it has a heat shield between the BBQ and the cabinets. If you purchase one of our BBQs we can manufacture the heat shield for you.

If I place a BBQ into combustible cabinets, such as timber cabinets, will it start a fire?

Yes! We have had several customers come to us after their existing alfresco area went up in flames. This is because their BBQ was placed on timber cabinets without any type of heatshield. Over a few years, the timber slowly dries out and can combust with the heat of the BBQ. A slow smouldering fire can result which can go unnoticed for days- until it takes hold of your alfresco area.

What is flame failure?

On a normal retail BBQ, burners do not have flame failure devices fitted. If the flame goes out, the gas will continue to flow. This can result in either an explosion or asphyxiation. Also, many retail BBQs have knobs that, when turned, will release the gas. Therefore, a child playing around the BBQ area could be in great danger. Infresco Gourmet BBQs have flame failure devices fitted to every burner. If the flame goes out, the gas will automatically shut off within seconds. Also, to turn on the barbecue, a separate ignitor button must be pressed at the same time as the knob is turned, thereby making it much safer for children. Some domestic barbecues now come with flame failure devices, but they are still not approved for indoor use.

What are the Energy Safety laws that apply to alfresco areas?

First of all you must determine if your alfresco area is classed as “enclosed” or “outdoors”. See The Energy Safety Website for more information or click this link.

In a nutshell, if your alfreco area is classed as “enclosed” you must comply with the following:

  1. Your BBQ must have flame failure devices fitted to every burner and be licensed for indoor use (be aware that there are some BBQs on the market that have flame failure devices fitted but they are NOT licensed for indoor use).
  2. Your BBQ must have a commercial grade exhaust hood that moves a minimum of 2000 cubic metres of air per hour.
  3.  Your barbecue must be installed on a non-combustible surface
How are Infresco Gourmet Barbecues approved for indoor use?

We build our barbecues to commercial standards. An independent gas appliance inspector, approved by Energy Safety WA, individually tests every one of our flame failure barbecues. The inspector then places an approval badge on the barbecue.

Do Infresco Gourmet Barbecues work with natural gas or LPG?

We can make our barbecues to suit your requirements, whether natural gas or LPG. Your barbecue must be installed by a licensed gas fitter. If it is natural gas it must be plumbed directly into the gas line (not a bayonet point). If your barbecue is LPG and uses a gas bottle, you cannot use it in an enclosed area even if it has flame failure devices fitted. LPG gas is too volatile.

Is natural gas or LPG safer?

First of all, both natural gas and LPG have no smell. A strong odour is artificially added so that people can detect the presence of gas. Natural gas is very light and will float upwards and dissipate. It is less volatile than LPG. LPG is much more volatile and heavy and will sink to the floor. The slightest spark can ignite it. Therefore, the use of LPG indoors is extremely dangerous. It is illegal to use a standard 9kg LPG bottle in an enclosed area.

Which is better- a mild steel hotplate or a stainless steel hotplate?

We use a half inch (12mm) thick machined mild steel hotplate as standard on our Gourmet barbecues, although you have the option of stainless steel hotplates. The thick mild steel hotplate is an excellent distributor of heat and provides an even, solid heat. Machined mild steel hotplates such as this are used in almost all restaurants. Stainless steel hotplates don’t distribute heat anywhere near as well as mild steel and tend to have hot and cold spots. They are also more difficult to clean than mild steel (think of your stainless steel frypans).

Will my hotplate discolour?

Yes, all hotplates discolour, whether mild steel or stainless steel. They can always be brought back to close to original colour using a scotchbrite pad.

Will my BBQ rust?

No. We use 304 grade stainless steel in our barbecues. This is a commercial grade stainless steel with a high nickel:iron ratio.

Can I get a BBQ custom made to fit any area?

Yes. We make four standard sizes of Gourmet Barbecue (900mm, 985mm, 1185mm 1360mm) which suit 90% of customers. For those customers that require a particular size, we can custom make our barbecues to any size you like. We have made barbecues up to 3 metres long.

Can I have a top-mounted BBQ?

Yes, we can manufacture our barbecues with top controls, so that they can be placed in cabinets with no knobs at the front. This achieves a very classy look. Your cabinets must have ventilation as the burners require oxygen.

Examples of Infresco Gourmet Barbecues

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